Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets

you have the right to dispute a traffic ticket

While they no longer have monthly ticket quotas to meet, police departments in the Lower Mainland still devote considerable resources to traffic enforcement.  They even have specialized units whose mandate is the “strategic enforcement” of traffic laws, particularly along Highway 1 and other high volume areas.

Traffic tickets can range from non-pointed offences such as driving in an HOV lane, to serious high-risk designated offences such as excessive speeding, driving without due care and attention, and using an electronic device.

It is important to remember that just because you are issued a ticket, it does not mean that you are guilty.  In traffic court, like criminal court, the burden is on the Crown (in this case the police officer who issued the ticket) to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

On the back of every ticket are instructions on how to file a dispute.  If you are contemplating disputing a ticket, it is a good idea to get advice regarding the traffic court process and potential defences that may be available to you.  The lawyers at Cote & Evans Trial Lawyers are experienced in defending traffic tickets.  We have access to precedents, manuals and other tools available to effectively challenge radar and laser readings tendered by police officers.

As well, the law on use of an electronic device is changing rapidly, and it is important to get advice regarding how to defend these tickets.  The consequences can be very serious.  Even two tickets can be enough to trigger a driving prohibition, and you are not warned about this at teh time you pay the ticket.


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