Motor Vehicle Law

Motor Vehicle Law

Keeping clients on the road

As RoadSafetyBC likes to remind British Columbians, driving is a privilege, not a right.  Unfortunately, it is a privilege that they are more than prepared to take away from people who commit traffic offences or have a driving history that is “unsatisfactory” in the eyes of the Superintendent.

Many people just blindly pay traffic tickets without appreciating the full consequences, which can include losing your license and hidden fees when renewing a license.  These can be devastating for people who rely on their ability to drive to earn a living, such as truck drivers, contractors, and delivery persons.

Often the best result for a client is achieved by Cote & Evans Trial Lawyers being involved from the beginning, such as by disputing traffic tickets before they result in a prohibition.  As we tell clients, the best way to fend off a driving prohibition is to never have it issued in the first place.


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