Appealing A Judgement

If you have received a decision after a trial or hearing from a court or tribunal and believe that the court or tribunal made a mistake that deprived you of a fair or correct result, you may have the right to appeal the outcome of your matter.

The lawyers at Cote & Evans Trial Lawyers are adept at handling appeals arising out of our own cases, as well as cases in which parties were represented at the lower courts or at a tribunal by other lawyers.

Parties thinking about filing an appeal should know that an unfavourable result is not, by itself, a basis for filing an appeal. However, if the court or tribunal has made an error in applying the law or if they have misunderstood or misapplied facts in coming to a decision that may have prejudiced your case, this could lead to a viable ground of appeal.

Our lawyers will review your case to determine whether such grounds exist and if so, we will provide you with advice about the advisability of filing an appeal and the timing and cost of an appeal.

There are very strict and tight deadlines for filing an appeal after a decision has been made by a court or tribunal and we urge you to promptly contact our office to obtain legal advice if you feel that decision you have received from a court or tribunal is the wrong decision.


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