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Shanna Gill

Shanna Gill


Shanna started working with Cote & Evans Trial Lawyers as a practicum student and joined our team as a Paralegal upon her completion of studying in the legal field with an honours degree. 

Previously, she had worked in the banking, sales and customer service fields prior to joining the area of Law. Shanna has also completed her studies in Business. Being a Paralegal to Shreya Bose, she focuses on family law, civil litigation, IRP & MVA, and Wills/Estates. Recently, she joined forces with Paul S. Sekhon focusing on a broad range of law but also added conveyancing to her workload which she is now adding to her areas of expertise. Shanna works closely with both her lawyers and clients to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken, deadlines are met\ and the client is satisfied with their matter. 

During her time at Cote & Evans Trial Lawyers, she occasionally keeps herself on top of the loop with webinars focusing on Supreme Court and Provincial Court matters. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son exploring B.C. and California. 

Shanna is also a member of the BC Paralegal Association. 



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