Every boat that is used as a pleasure craft must have a Pleasure Craft License unless it is using a motor of less than 10 horsepower or has a vessel registration. Most boats are purchased with a trailer. Often individuals purchase a boat and trailer together and register the trailer with ICBC and obtain insurance for both. However, sometimes individuals fail to transfer or obtain a Pleasure Craft License as well. Unfortunately, if you have purchased a boat that already has a Pleasure Craft License or needs a Pleasure Craft License it is not sufficient to just obtain insurance on the boat. Boat owners are required to obtain, renew and/or transfer a Pleasure Craft License in their name.

A Pleasure Craft License is good for up to 10 year and must be carried on the boat at all times. The Pleasure Craft License number must appear on the boat’s bow. If you are found to be operating a boat without a licence you are subject to a fine.

Once you have purchased a boat with a 10 horsepower engine or more you most either apply to transfer or obtain a Pleasure Craft License through Transport Canada. This can be done online at https://www.pcl-pep.snbservices.ca/1001/pubweb/default.aspx?lang=en-CA or by regular mail. In order to complete the application, you must submit proof of ownership which includes the following:

  • Bill of Sale;
  • Statutory Declaration;
  • Wills;
  • Separation agreements;
  • Court Order; or
  • Transfer of ownership documents.

If you have lost the proof of ownership document you can have a Statutory Declaration prepared and notarized by a lawyer or notary. The Statutory Declaration should include the following details:

  • New owner name and address;
  • License of the Pleasure Craft;
  • Make and model;
  • Hull serial number;
  • Hull material and colour;
  • Type of propulsion;
  • Name of previous owner; and
  • Why Bill of Sale cannot be produced?

If you no longer have a proof of ownership document and require assistance in preparing a Statutory Declaration to complete the Pleasure Craft License application, please contact our office and arrange a consultation.