Civil Law

Civil litigation is a large and complicated area of law where one slight misstep can have devastating consequences for your case. The rules of civil litigation are numerous, difficult to interpret without experience and can be unmanageable for an unrepresented litigant. There are limitation dates and timelines to complete certain steps in court cases and it’s nobody’s job to tell you what they are. Add to all this fighting a corporate giant like ICBC and things might seem hopeless.

At Cote & Evans we have a highly skilled team that can give you the advantage you need in pursuing your litigation. Whether it’s running a trial or negotiating a settlement, we’ll be able to help you get the best result possible.

If you have been sued or need to sue, come see us right away. The quicker we start the sooner we can put in place the best long term strategy to maximize your chance of success. At a consult we will be able to explain to you the strength and weakness of your case and advise you on steps to take to protect your interests.