Articling & Summer Students

If you are a law student who wants to develop a career in litigation, we encourage you to consider applying as an articling or summer student.

The student appears frequently in court, including on substantive applications and hearings. 

A student can expect to gain a broad base of experience in litigation in a small firm setting, including exposure to family law, criminal law, personal injury, wills and estates, and civil litigation.

We hire students in the hopes that they go on to become lawyers at Cote & Evans Trial Lawyers.  Indeed, we pride ourselves on the fact that every associate lawyer presently working at Cote & Evans Trial Lawyers has previously articled at the firm.  This provides the current student with a solid support base and additional opportunities for mentorship, as every associate has been in their shoes. 

Given our reputation for excellent client representation, we look for students with demonstrated academic achievement and strong interpersonal skills. 

Cote & Evans Trial Lawyers typically hires one articling student and one summer student per year.  The articling student position runs is for a period of one year starting in May, with PLTC being completed in the summer at the outset.

For the summer student, the position runs from May to August to coincide with the summer holidays from law school.

Hiring for the positions occurs in October of the year prior to the start of the position.  We post a notice on this page when applications are being accepted.

When there is a posting, please send applications, including a resume, law school and undergraduate or other transcript, and cover letter to:

Attn: Erin Windblad, Office Manager
Cote & Evans Trial Lawyers
#303-6321 King George Blvd.
Surrey, BC, V3X 1G1


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